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Copper Alloys C12000 ,ASME SB111ASME SB133ASME SB359ASME SB395ASME SB42ASME SB75 ASTM B111 ASTM B133 ASTM B152 ASTM B187 ASTM B188 ASTM B224 ASTM B272 ASTM B280 ASTM B302 ASTM B306 ASTM B359 ASTM B372 ASTM B395 ASTM B42 ASTM B442 ASTM B447 ASTM B451 ASTM B5 ASTM B506 ASTM B623 ASTM B638 ASTM B640 ASTM B641 ASTM B68 ASTM B687 ASTM B698 ASTM B716 ASTM B743 ASTM B75 ASTM B88 MIL B-18907 MIL B-20292 MIL T-24107 MIL T-3235 MIL W-85 SAE J461 SAE J463 UNS C12000

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